Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thank u J for the testimonial!!!

Hi Miss Jennifer,
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jennifer when she came to my town.  I have been interested in spanking my whole life.  But as a child I thought I was weird, because I thought nobody else liked to get spanked.  When I was a little older I discovered spanking websites, and from there I’ve learned so much about spanking and little bit about why some people like to be spanked. 
I would try to get my girlfriends to spank me.  Some of them did, but it was never a real spanking like I craved.  I discovered professional disciplinarians a few years ago, but the ones I found didn’t really seem to offer what I wanted, and they didn’t come to my city.  I found Miss Jennifer’s website by sheer luck a few months ago.  After reading her website, and nearly every testimonial, I was convinced that I had to see her.  She actually came to my city a few days after I found her site, but I was busy that day.  Fortunately she was scheduled to come to my town a few months later as well.  I emailed her for an application, which I filled out very thoroughly.  I was very excited when I got an email back from her which said, “I like it”. 
As the day approached for my spanking, I became very excited and a little nervous.  Finally the appointed day arrived.  I was so excited that I accomplished very little that day, as I waited for the hour of my session.  I arrived early to the hotel, and at 5 minutes to the hour I called her number.  She told me to come up.  When I got to her door I was very nervous.  I was thinking, “What if she’s not what she’s like on her website.”  Well I knocked on the door, and was greeted by a beautiful petite lady.  She is very outgoing, and we talked for some time.  I had asked for a punishment session, so she again asked if I really thought I could handle that.  I really wanted to know what a severe spanking was like, so I confirmed that I wanted it. 
After some more chatting she said we should get started.  We moved to the bedroom, where she turned on some music and arranged a pillow on the bed for me to bury my face in.  She sat on the bed and told me to come to her.  Then she pulled my pants down and had me lay across her lap.  I thought, “Maybe she’ll just spank me over my underwear.”  But then she pulled my underwear down too. 
The spanking started with her hand.  I had read all the testimonials about how hard she can spank with her hand, but I was still a little skeptical.  But it’s true.  Her hand spanking almost got me to cry out, but somehow I endured it.  Next she used several small paddles and a hairbrush.  The worst was the little rubber paddle.  Or so I thought.  Then came the big guns! 
Next she had me lay across the bed, and she started using the butt beater.  She moved on to the strap, and then a large wooden paddle.  Up to this point the spanking was very intense, but also bearable.  Not so with the wooden paddle.  That hurt like hell!  Especially on my thighs and sit spot.  I buried my face in the pillow and squeezed it with all my might trying not to scream. 
Several times between implements she spayed something on my butt which helped cool it down for the next round of spanks.  She cycled back to the butt beater and rubber paddle several times.  The grand finale came in the form of the cane.  With each stroke of the cane came a new burning sting across my butt.  I thought I was going to yell out, but I kept my face in the pillow and somehow made it through.  When she said I could get up I felt my butt, and it was on fire!  I looked at it in the mirror, and every inch of it was red.  The marks from the cane were an even deeper shape of red. 
My backside hurt for several days after the spanking, and some of the marks lasted for over a week.  It was truly a memorable experience.  After so many years I finally experienced the spanking I had longed for.  Miss Jennifer is the only disciplinarian I’ve been too, but I seriously doubt any other disciplinarian could be as skilled or as beautiful as Miss Jennifer!  Next time I see Miss Jennifer I want to do a role play.  I’ve heard she is terrific at playing the part.  I greatly look forward to the next time Miss Jennifer is in my City.

Oklahoma 2014

Thank you for the testimonial Kent!!


I had the complete pleasure of having a session with the lovely Miss Jennifer.  Let me say first that she is a real treasure. She is a woman who knows what she is doing and knows how to deliver a professional grade ass whipping. In my experience this is actually quite rare. There are a number of women out there who will spank your bottom but only a small handful who both deeply understand the  dynamic of spanking and have the ability to deliver in a way that will leave you gasping for breath knowing that you just got the spanking of your life.                        
I scheduled my first session with Miss Jennifer recently.  I usually don't need an excuse for a spanking but I was feeling guilty about a some real life behavior and asked her to address it for me.  She dug right in asking me questions about my behavior that had me red faced.  She, of course, then delivered the verdict that I need a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.  I endured the 50 minutes of spanking by gritting my teeth and holding on for dear life. I deserved what I got but it was a real challenge for me- like a good spanking should be.  

I am so grateful that I had a chance to see her and I am sure I will schedule again when she passes through my area.  


ps  I want to get on your dance card when you come though next month! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thank u Jackie for the testimonial!!!!

Hi Miss Jennifer, 
Sheesh, where to start.. I guess I've known for sometime that something was lacking from my life.  I continually  make the same mistakes and then write it off as being ok bc of some abandonment issues from my childhood. Every teacher and/or authority figure has always described me as a very sweet, funny, and Extremely Strong-willed girl. This being said, I've learned to be charming and very capable of talking myself out of trouble or atleast less trouble.. Until Miss Jennifer....None of my manipulations made even the slightest bit of difference, in fact she sternly told me I was "gonna get it worse now". And while I'm thinking about it Never and I mean Never try to explain something starting with the words "yeah but"... The look I got made me slink into the couch bc she got me to admit I knew I was doing wrong, and still did it anyway. Then she said ok, I'm going to get my implements and without looking at me she said pull your pants down. She sat on the bed, patted her lap, and said "come on". So I tried to lay across her lap with my pants only down a little, with a whoosh she pulled them down the way she wanted them, positioned me, and so it began. She warmed me up, then it started to smart a little, then came some rubber paddle thing.. It stung but for most part bearable, so I thought. Her swing became harder and I started squirming and whimpering a little until she decided to concentrate on one specific area of my right cheek, I tried so hard to stay stoic and quiet.. ��Yeah ok.. I tried to crawl forward and she pulled me back to her lap �� as I was mid-air and I thudded on her lap.. Mind you she never missed a swat. I said "oh God I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She laughed and said"no, am I hurting you ?" I said "yesssss" and through a smile she said "you need this".
Eventually, she said to get up, then lay across the bed. I did, and then I saw her pick up the dreaded butt beater..�� All I could say was "oh no, that's the one I'm afraid of. She smiled, and I knew this is what she meant when she said " gonna get it worse now". OMG , I've never felt anything like it before .. But I kept telling myself "need this, need this".
She kept whipping me until I thought I was gonna come out of my skin and then she would back off ever so slightly.. I was not gonna beg her to stop��,so when I finally broke all I could whisper was " ok, I get it! please, I get it!" All of a sudden I felt extremely peaceful ��, and actually welcomed the burning sensation, I kinda felt like I was flying.. It was very calming, very similar to the feeling when she had accepted my application, and I finally knew I would be getting what I've needed for so long. Miss Jennifer called it euphoria, I felt extreme safety and such gratefulness to her.  She let me get up, pull my pants up, and finished with advice, love, and promises of future discipline. It's been almost 24 hours since my session, and I feel her words with every move I make.. Lol, but I sincerely thank her, and look forward to her painful lessons...remember strong-willed��.
Soundly punished,
Pittsburg 2014

Thank u Dave for the testimonial :)))

Hi Miss Jennifer,

I am a life time spankoo,  I am a widowed male and I was born when Harry Truman was President, so I can say I been into spanking for a while.

Being a baby boomer growing up in the 50's and 60's, spanking was a ritual for most children of my generation.   I remember being spanked by my Dad on the bare behind for my report card, it seems I always  would  get a U or F in conduct or effort.   It seemed I was kind of a Denise the menace kind of child.

I spanked my wife when she acted like a brat or child like (usually hormonal issues) and of course my two children who are know full grown.

My wife had passed away about two years ago.    My life seemed to fall apart,  I was getting kicked out of places and other stupid things.
So  I thought I needed some discipline in my life because the shrink and Social worker didn't seem to help as much as I needed.   I needed a good attitude adjustment so I decided to search for lady disciplinarians and I found one in the Boston MA area where I lived.    I had about five or six sessions with her and my attitude and emotions seemed to improve a lot.    After 6 or 7 sessions in about 6 months time she became Ill and was unable to work as a disciplinarian anymore.
So my last spanking had been about a year or more and I was getting to regress back to needing a attitude adjustment again.
I went back to the internet and went into all things spanking and found disciplinarians and checked out their sites.   I looked for about two weeks off and on and I saw Miss Jennifer was coming to Boston at the end of March 2014.   I read her testimonial about 5 times and my first thought was shhas a thousands rules and me being one that is not to good with rules thought so what do I got to lose.    I filled out and application and was very honest with my answering the questions and sent it to her.    To my surprise she liked it and then she sent me some more instructions on what I do next and many more of those stupid rules.

I met Miss Jennifer at a really nice hotel in Boston, called her five minutes before my time and she answered and told me the room number.
I went up to the room and knocked at the door across the hall ( got the number wrong)  but she heard the door across the hall and thought I was at her door and answered it and waved me in and she greeted me with a sweet smile and a hello.   I was taken back at first.   I am 6'2" and weigh 250 pounds and her she is 5ft tall and maybe 100 LBS.    We talked for awhile and she is so easy to talk to and very sweet and so smart.

Miss Jennifer came up with what I Needed and I was going to be spanked for bad health habits, immature behavior for my age,  another words a good attitude adjustment.     She had me remove my pants and had me over her knee and bared my bum and gave me a good sound spanking that had me wining, yelping, growling and squirming like crazy.*:(( crying  I didn't cry but I did carry on like a little kid trying not to cry.*>:) devil

I must tell you her method of spanking is that of perfection and preciseness.    Miss Jennifer pushed me past my pain tolerance.
Miss J is small and petite but spanks pretty hard just with her bare hand, she spanked me with some different implements, such as a nasty hairbrush, stinging wooden spoon, and many paddles and of course the taws,  I for some reason like the taws as one my favorite spanking tools to be used on me but of course if it was up to me it would be just that hard hand of hers.

If your a spanko looking for a women to give you a good sound spanking and uses good mentoring and is very caring and is a clean fanatic then try Miss Jennifer.     I call her Mighty Miss Jennifer because she can give a mighty good spanking.   ( I say that to myself of course)
Next time she is in Boston I am sure I would be due for another good spanking If she can put up with me.

                                                                                   Naughty Dave*:P tongue

Thank u Chris for the testimonial!!!!

When I first found Miss Jennifer's website, it took me a while to actually commit. I kept going back to her website and reading. I didn't want to be one of those who asked a stupid question where the answer was on her site.

I finally contacted her and filled out the application. I was thrilled at being accepted. At the time, she told me she doesn't come to Tulsa and has no plans to do so. So, I had to find an excuse to go to Dallas or Houston. I finally found the excuse when much to my surprise I saw Tulsa on her schedule. After I confirmed that it was no typo and she was actually coming to Tulsa, I jumped on it.
I think I was her first in Tulsa and I was very nervous, but she quickly put me at ease. I had asked for a role play for a story I am writing. She was very convincing and I hoped I was playing my part as well as she was playing hers. Well, whether or not I was, she was excellent at playing hers.
She started some music which I thought was just background noise to mask her spanks. I quickly realized that she used it for spanking to the beat. Over her knee I went for some good, solid hand spanks. I'm not sure when she switched from her hands to a paddle, but at some point, she did. I remember wondering exactly what I had gotten myself into.
Then, it was to lie on the bed for more paddles and straps and many more. I can say I wasn't a big fan of the lollipop, but she did use a tawse on me in expert fashion. She used a cat toy on me in a way I never would have imagined. I felt a pang of fear every time she went back to her implement bag and tried to catch a peek at what was coming up. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't
When it was over, I was very sore. We talked for a bit, then a hug. As I walked back to my car, I thought that I wasn't feeling too bad. Then... I sat down. Okay, I certainly felt that.
Was I nervous? Yes. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. I have been spanked by others in the past, but I will never be spanked by another after Miss Jennifer. Thank you.