Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thank u Sean for the Testimonial :)

I know I'm late but here goes so I had always been curious about Spanking and to be honest had some things I needed to be punished for so I came across Miss Jenifer on Google and read her Profile and did all my research so I finally decided to EMAIL her for an Application and I nervously filled it out hoping it would be approved and honestly kind of hoping it wouldn't as well. She approved my application and we set a Time and Date and I became very nervous and almost backed out of it a few times and she assured me that I wouldn't be nervous after our session so the day of The Session comes and I'm very nervous I leave about 3 hours early to beat traffic, but I'm so nervous I end up going to the wrong Hotel and I immediately think Oh NO she is not going to have our session so I call her and she was very understanding so I rush to the correct Hotel I get there and I finally meet her and she is everything she says she is on her profile I finally for the first time start to feel relaxed and we had a brief conversation then she pulls out the Implements and has me remove my Jeans and get over her Knee she pulls down my Boxers and starts spanking after about a Minute it started to sting she then started using the Implements and it would have been enough for her to stop there but she didn't she used all those Implements and then came the Big Guns she started with a Big paddle which was enough to make me start to want to give up and leave but we were just getting started she then proceeded with the Butt Beater (avoid that Implement if you can) about this time was when I started to sweat badly and then finally we wrapped it up had a great conversation about what to do differently in the Future and I must say it was exactly what I needed I will definitely be seeing Miss Jennifer again and would strongly recommend her to anybody

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thank u for the testimonial Cameron :))

Miss Jennifer,

My visit to see Miss Jennifer for the first time started out with a lot of traffic as I left about two hours before my time to visit with her. A bit of a hailstorm and two to three car accidents along the way got me worried as the time got closer and closer to the time I was to meet her. The time had gotten to be the time when I was supposed to meet her and found that I was still about fifteen minutes away from getting there. I started to worry that Miss Jennifer would really be upset with me and spank me even more so I hurried as much as I can to get there.
I finally got to the hotel and called her and I met her, the funny thing is when I first saw her, I didn't think it was her, just couldn't picture her as a spanker but after confirming to me that she is Miss Jennifer, I got on the elevator with her and she took me up to her room. I was already about twenty to twenty five minutes late but she was understanding some but threatened next time I see her, she would spank me a bit extra if I were late again. We took maybe three to four minutes just to chat and get to know one another. Time being a little less as I was late, we got to the over the knee spanking. She sat down on a couch and had me lie over her lap. She started out spanking me with her hand and at first it felt pretty good. After a little bit of a warmup, she got into a rhythm of spanking really hard and then some lighter swats to help me get ready for the next hard swat. She knows body language and knows just how hard to spank, when to back off and when to push it a bit harder. She is an artist at spanking and it shows when over her lap.
After awhile, the intensity built up quite a bit and this is when she encouraged me to fight thru it and you will be a lot more happier doing so. Usually at this point, this is when I would ask for the spanker to stop as I really haven't pushed myself when being spanked seeing if I can take it a bit harder and longer. I was thankful I gritted my teeth and as I started to sweat some and also cry, the swats kept coming and it just kept on getting harder. Soon enough, I heard her tell me just five more swats and I started to feel good that I endured thru the spanking.
When the spanking was over, she took a picture of my bottom and I was shocked at how good of a spanking I got and was proud of myself for enduring. She talked to me for awhile about spanking and how spankings have been around even during Biblical times and that encouraged me and made me felt a lot more normal. For me, what I love about spankings is the love I feel and the attention I feel from the spanker during and after the spanking. To know someone to take time to spank you makes me feel special and loved.
After the spanking, I thanked her and we talked more about the beauty of spankings and then I thanked her for her time and I left. She is truly amazing! Thanks Miss Jennifer for such a memorable time meeting you.
Your spankee, Cameron