Saturday, May 28, 2016


I took a later flight today
Meaning I don't have to take a 6 am flight or 545 or 515 am
I have a late morning flight
Anyway I thought I would sleep in
But guess what
I automatically woke up at 3 am hahaha

Thursday, May 26, 2016

So adorable

I wanted those!!!!
I wonder where they got those????
Aren't they the cutest little things ???

Their butt view is so darn cute!!!!!


I went to my favorite snow in Cali!
I got a diff flavor
Sooooo good!!! This one n strawberries is my favorite at this snow cafe!

On my way up to....Snow cafe :)

Ordered my snow!!

Burrito story

I called Uber to pick me up 
She was telling me all the yummy places to eat. N she was telling me about the burrito place but couldn't remember the name but tells me she only knows how to get there! 
So we passed where I needed to go n showed me the burrito place!!!
So I said that I wanna taste it so let's go inside n get one to go n I'll buy u one too!
She freaked n said r u sure???  I'm thinking y not?!? She was so cool n funny! Anyway she told me what to order!
Cuz I had no idea.

That's her n I at the burrito place 
It's empty Bc it's only 930am here 
So here I am checking my bag

N this is my burrito 

Here I am sitting on the stairs near the snow shop which I will go next after I eat this!!

I tried really hard but I couldn't finish it!
Here is the result 

I'm in food coma!!!!
This burrito was sooooo 
freaking good!!!!
We exchanged numbers n she says I'm her lil sis n tells me  don't b out late alone! Hahaha

Toes n fingers

My feet looks exactly the same!
I'm wearing shoes so it's kinda hard to show.

Emails n applications

You guys
I am super slow in responding to people's emails n applications
Please forgive me for that.
If u sent me the completed application n u have not heard from me it's more likely its buried with tons of other emails 
Sometimes I'm super fast at responding to your applications 
Sometimes it takes me weeks, a month or even months.  I mean like several months :(( Gosh 
It just depends on if u catch me when I am responding to other emails.
Meaning.... U would send your applications/ emails when I am going through them n then I would respond to u as yours is on the top.
If I have never responded to your application then it is only because I didn't get it.  So if that has happened to u please please forward the application again.  As I wouldn't just ignore u.
Thank u 

Not bad

This airport was a little crowded but nothing like the airport I was at yesterday.
This one was pretty normal.
It makes this airport look empty hahaha.
I checked in n went through tsa no more than 10 minutes. More like 8 minutes hehehe

Rise n shine!!!!

Good morning!!!!!
I hope u guys are sleeping like a baby while I'm heading to the hectic airport :(
Well I'm almost at the airport.
I took the 4 am not 4:30....
So I had to up get up at 3:10am.
I wish I was in bed. Whoever is still in bed.... I'm so jealous!!!!
Everyday I say to myself I'm going to go to bed early but it just doesn't happen.
Well tonight I'm really gonna try.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good night

Ok u guys I'm gonna wash up n then try to get some zzzzz's
I've been pretty good the last 2 days I slept 4 hours each day:). Maybe I can get 5 hours today! 

No zipper

I don't think I told u guys
But I got another new suitcase before I went to UK.
Bc I got so tired of sitting on my suitcase n  trying to zip. Gosh
U should see me sometimes lol
This one has no zipper!!!!
It just snaps on n off!!!!
I think from now on I'm going to buy this kind n not the zipper kind. :)

Busy busy

I am fighting with the clock.
I need more hours in a day!!!!!
Doing laundry....organizing n packing up.
I have a 6 am flight 
God, y do I keep doing this to myself??!?
Anyway I probably have to get up either 3 or 3:30 am 
If I get up st 3:30 then I'll b ready by 4:15 am then I go take the shuttle for 430
Then I'll probably get to the airport by 4:45 to 4:50.
I wonder that's enough time to check in go through tsa n then go to the gate. Hmmmm
Thats pushing it.  But I normally always get to the airport between  60 min to  80 minutes unless its international. Then I'm there 2 hours b4.  
Oh man there was few times I got there at their cut off n that's 45 min before departure hahaha. Long as u check your bag at least 45 min before departure 
Your bag will make it. Lol
I did that 2 times hahahaha  that was too stressful.  I won't do it anymore.
Anyway...I ordered room service Bc I'm so hungry didn't  eat all day except tons of water n that tea I took pic of....earlier this morning 
Here is my breakfast lunch n dinner!!!
I just took a bite n it is sooo yummy!!!!!
It's grilled mahi mahi fish taco.

All done :)

I just finished my last session!!! Yippee
Now I am cleaning up n then I'm going to go downstairs n do laundry.  I bring my own laundry soap.... fabric softener n I recently bought bleach that comes in a pack for whites. Hahaha
I like doing laundry here Bc the machine is free. No coins needed.  Just need to buy soap.  Some places they  give free soap but th machines are not free.
I try to wash where the machine is free unless I'm totally desperate lol


Wow that's great !!!
That looks yummy!
Did u make it with tofu?  
I loooovveeee tofu!!!!
Did your kids like it??
Did Mickie eat it???? Bc she's so darn picky (Please forgive me if I spelled her name incorrectly.)


I got this raspberry green tea this morning for breakfast
I haven't had bubble tea for such a long time.  It was pretty good for airport.
I just told them to cut the sugar.  N it was perfect!

Good morning

I hope everyone is well!!!
I arrived at the airport at 530 am
U would not believe it
The line was sooo long for tsa.
Long meaning I have never seen it like that except when I was in Orlando...that was bad too but I think this is way worse.
They didn't even have a premier line :(
Only tsa pre n  first class n regular line.
If I had to wait in that line it would have taken me at least an hour to go through tsa n miss my flight.
Gosh it was awful for the people who have to wait.
I wanted to take the pic to show u guys how bad it was but I was too busy trying to find first class line with massive people  everywhere 
Because there was no line at all for my line but Bc there were so many people in line for the normal tsa line they were like blocking my line. lol 
It was bad.
Anyway I made it lol
N I  have boarded. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My dinner

This hotel has awesome food.
Seriously good.
I got chicken noodle soup with out chicken n noodles 
Hahaha they know me. I'm the weird girl who won't eat chicken from a chicken noodle soup Bc I do not like chicken.

Oh my god this salad was to die for.
It is one of the best I've eaten in the states. I wish I could order another one but I'm way too full :(


They actually had pretty good muffin.
It had real berries n it wasnt sweet at all.
It was very good n served it very warm. 
Before, I would get muffins from them n it was like eating sugar lol Soo sweet that it hurt my mouth.  
Anyway this was yummy

Going Up Up

In the air!


I didn't realize.
I knew I was top 3%  but not top 1% hahaha
She tells me premiers are top 3%

I was asked to join a new program called the Elite Concerge Service. She tells me they only invite the top 1%.  WOW I didn't know I spent that much money and that much time in a hotel?!?!  I thought other people are worse than me. Meaning they spent a lot of time in a hotel. I guess I was wrong.
I have a personal concierge who will do everything for me to what kind of room I want and need to Broadway tickets to  to  complaint about my service at a hotel I am staying at if it is unsatisfactory to get a room even though it's sold out to, etc... So much more.

I'm so excited about this new service.
I just used it.
I called her up
OMG she was soooo nice to me.
So....I told her about my room in LA that when I called the hotel they were not sure if they could give me the certain suite in certain I was kinda bummed but she spoke to them....
And within 5 minutes. She got me the room I wanted but even nicer. Hahaha
How cool is that.

Don't get too excited...bat and sweet
The hotel in Seattle stinks.
So don't expect it to be like the one in LA  or other cities where I would get an awesome room.

Testimonial from R :)

Somehow the planets knew that I needed to be spanked. Accordingly, they aligned themselves such that within less than 24 hours of requesting and then submitting my application to Jen, I found myself at the receiving end of a spanking from her in a hotel room in London. Thanks, planets…..


I, like many others, have had a long-harboured desire to be spanked. The innocence of my childhood interest was somewhat ruined by my parents being called into school to discuss one of my pieces of literary genius (aged 6), which featured me being spanked very often for various misdemeanours by my parents. Thankfully my parents managed to fend off the child abuse allegations, and it was firmly put to me that writing such stories was inappropriate, and rather embarrassing for them. And so my interest went underground, but never went away.  I didn’t understand it, but all I knew as I was growing up was that this was a lifelong thing, hard-wired and embedded into my psyche, however weird I thought it was.


In my university years my interest prompted me to meet up with an older man who seemed nice online, for the purpose of receiving a spanking from him. The sheer horror I feel when I look back on that – a 20 year old getting into a stranger’s car, without telling anyone what or where she was going or doing, to be driven miles away to receive a spanking in the back of his car. More than spanking was offered during that meeting; I am forever grateful that this particular gentleman was not a bad apple and returned me to my home, having not had the fulfilling spanking that I had dreamed of, but also not having worse tales to tell of my experience. That was enough to put me off the idea for quite some time.


10 years later, the itch that never went away drove me to search for a disciplinarian in my area in the UK. I found many ladies that offered spanking, but most in the context of BDSM. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to find myself licking anyone’s shoes or wearing a gimp mask, and so the field of likely candidates found itself very thoroughly narrowed. It was by chance that Miss J’s page came up on a google search. As I read through the site, she just seemed right for me. Her directness on her webpage made me laugh – clearly she’s been asked to do all sorts by her potential clients. If you aren’t clear on what she doesn’t do before you read through her site, you’ll be crystal clear by the time you’ve finished browsing through it! Her directness appealed to me – she definitely seemed like my cup of tea. I noticed that she was only in the UK until the following day but thought it would be worth at least getting in touch, with the potential of meeting in the distant future, on a future trip to the UK. So, without really thinking about it, I emailed her to ask for an application. When it was pinged back to me, a couple of hours later, I filled it in (as much as possible – I couldn’t answer half of it (am I a ‘thuddy’ or ‘stingy’ spankee? I still don’t know) but did my best. The reply, that came within a couple of hours of sending it,left me in a state of shock; she was available the next day and was keen to meet. I didn’t have time to think about the reality of the situation I found myself in, and following a brief phone conversation (her American accent – so cute!), the next 12 hours of my night shift passed in a haze. Before I knew it, I was on a train, contemplating the very daunting prospect of having my backside painted red by someone who along with her many rules, is clear on her website that she spanks hard, for real. I’ll be honest – I felt sick (was that the pic n mix I had for breakfast though?).


Once I’d got to the hotel and met Jen, she immediately put me at ease. We talked for a very long time and she asked loads of questions. It was a conversation of equals and I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. Clearly she’s experienced at putting nervous spankees at ease. This made all the difference for me. I can’t pretend I was paying full attention as we moved on to discuss why I needed/wanted to be spanked, or as Jen dispensed her advice - my brain was in meltdown as I knew the spanking was becoming evermore imminent.  When the time came I completely lost the ability to speak, but I think Jen knew this and just lead it from there. I’m not sure she picked up the sarcasm in my response when she asked me if everything was ok after what I assume was the warm up – I think she actually believed I was having a wonderful time. Either way, the spanking continued. The infernal music with its relentless rhythm left little space for any kind of break – I spent a lot of time hoping for a really slow song to come on, but alas, it never did. There is little more to say about the spanking other than to verify what others have said; Jen does indeed spank hard. The unexpected benefit of it was that I was so tense, I spent the majority of it in a plank position – my abs had a great workout!


The session ended following a brief chat and a hug. My butt is still bruised, 5 days later, but the sense of a burden being lifted remains. The spanking with Jen was everything I had hoped for, and more. She is clearly very good at what she does. If you’re reading this and haven’t been spanked before but just know it’s something you want or need, don’t hesitate. You’re in safe hands with this ladyThanks, Jen – I’ll be watching out for your next visit to the UK.

Message for batgirl...

From Hotcheeks
This is batgirl eating all the candy u said she couldn't eat!!

Good morning:)

Yucky weather here this morning. Raining:(
Hopefully it will b nice n sunny at my next city

Monday, May 23, 2016



This is her before her 2nd session 
Here we go 
Ill show u afterwards

So beautiful

I just love it
It looks like a work of art! Haha

Butt beating

Ok ok I can't goof around with u guys anymore I need to get back to my business. Gotta beats some butts:). Hehe
I love it when it turns pink n then red:)
I love it when u guys squirm. Hehehe
Should I say more?


U r DEAD sweet!!!!!!
That's all I need to say :)

Private blog

Either today or tomorrow I will import this blog to my new private blog.
please email me at to get my new link.  
See u on the other side!!!!
**For Jennifer's active spankee only**

Posed for me

Love his outfit hehe

Cream puff

We want to this restaurant only to get the puffs. 
 It was huge. It's bigger than my fist. I couldn't finish it. Only ate half of it:(

I asked for one without the powdered sugar.
It taste very smooth n creamy not sweet 
It taste like Bavarian cream.