Thursday, February 4, 2016

My last dinner

In San Francisco.  It was at a French restaurant.  Soo yummy.
The little  sticks r chick peas fries if u were curious.
The salad had pedals from a flower n blood oranges.
I will definitely  go there again.  :))

I love this !!!

Do u think this spanking

Chart is true??? Bc I don't think  it's totally  true.
Let me know what u guys think.
I mean my little black rubber paddle that I use over the knee is a killer!!!

Soo pretty

My view of San Fran at night

Making bread

While I am here in San Fran spanking butts I had some time to go out n explore their city. The week I was there the weather wasn't very good.  It was chilly n rained.  Can u believe the day I left the weather was getting nicer.